2010-06-15 21:21:12 by Monivious


i am still trying to make music. not going too well.


2010-04-05 13:12:43 by Monivious

i'm sick. i guess there's something going around.


2010-02-28 22:04:00 by Monivious

i like music,,,,,,,,,,


2010-01-16 01:30:08 by Monivious

i actually... don't have anything to say.

hello, i'm 15 years old and my name is carley.

useful information, am i right? no.

i highly recommend

2009-12-27 00:51:11 by Monivious

AVATAR and sherlock holmes to everyone. great movies.

avatar is by far my favorite movie. no joke.

hahaha kbye.

happy christmas!

happy birthday

2009-12-03 15:56:42 by Monivious

to me.

michael whalen

2009-10-21 14:07:59 by Monivious

i have loved you for a thousand lifetimes.

well i give up,

2009-10-06 15:08:38 by Monivious

i can't make music.

I'd like you to know,

2009-08-09 23:51:24 by Monivious

I love fishfood2021. :)